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State Auto rewards loss prevention


COLUMBUS, Ohio – February 8, 2007
– The State Auto Insurance Companies, a super-regional property and casualty insurance group, has announced enhanced coverage for customers who have installed technology that can help quickly recover stolen vehicles or equipment.

State Auto will reimburse the insured’s deductible on personal, farm, and business vehicles, and construction equipment, if they’re stolen but later recovered due to an activated vehicle/equipment recovery system (VRS).

VRSs utilize radio frequency or satellite technology to transmit a signal to law enforcement upon notification that the vehicle or equipment is stolen. When activated, the system can help law enforcement officers track the stolen property, hopefully recovering it before it is further damaged.

Some of the more widely-known VRSs include LoJack (http://www.lojack.com) and OnStar (http://www.onstar.com). The reimbursement applies whether the VRS is installed at the factory or as an after-market item.

This State Auto benefit is available immediately, through the companies’ more than 22,000 independent agents, to all new and existing personal, business and farm policyholders.  The appropriate coverage must be scheduled on the specific vehicle or equipment in order to qualify.

“We believe customers who take extra precautions should be rewarded,” said State Auto Chairman and CEO Bob Restrepo. “These systems have been shown time and time again to help prevent losses by speeding the recovery of stolen property. Our customers’ investments in vehicle and equipment recovery systems should not go unnoticed.”

For more information about the deductible reimbursement for activated vehicle/mobile equipment recovery systems, contact an independent State Auto agent by visiting StateAuto.com.


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