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More Than A Career – More Than You Ever Dreamed.

If you’re interested in a career in the insurance industry, chances are you’ll be interested in working here at State Auto. Although, it’s important to note, it’s not just a career that we’re offering. Surely, it has to be something more meaningful than that. Like the opportunity to provide an invaluable service honestly, ethically and passionately. Or the opportunity to share a unified vision, based upon unwavering values, in a supportive atmosphere where you can make significant contributions to the lives of our policyholders and their families.

Of course, we also know that your career has to be about you, as well. Your needs. Your wants. Your dreams. Well, it just so happens, State Auto has that covered too. Along with a generous compensation package, exemplary benefits, and a unique bonus program for all employees, you will also have the opportunity to develop technical and leadership skills unparalleled in the insurance industry.

Truth be told, the 2,000 men and women who work here are the heart of State Auto. Without their talents and dedication, State Auto wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are today. We also understand that a diverse workforce is a key component of business success and we will continue to provide opportunities that utilize everyone’s talents, abilities, backgrounds and experiences. Our goal, at every turn, is to promote a culture of diversity and extend dignity and respect to everyone. In other words, State Auto is an excellent choice not just for your career, but for your growth and happiness as well.

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