Hiring Process

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State Auto uses Core Competencies to assist in its interviewing process. This process helps verify that this is the right job for you and to help the hiring manager make the best decision for the position posted. To help you better understand what that means and what will be expected of you during the interview(s), we have provided some additional information that further explains what a core competency is and what our hiring process looks like

Competency based interviewing

A core competency is a persistent pattern of behavior driving a desired organizational result. We believe that competence results from a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and motivations (attitudes, values, believes, personality, etc.) that achieve exceptional performance.  Each our interview questions is carefully selected to measure the competencies that are most important to the position at hand.  The five main categories of competencies are:

  • Running the Business
  • Making Quality Decisions
  • Managing Resources
  • Playing on the Team
  • Leadership/Inspiring Others

Hiring Process:

  • Talent Acquisition and Hiring Manager meet to discuss role, identify competencies and select questions based on those competencies.
  • Once posted, the Hiring Manager will identify candidates to receive an application.
  • Talent Acquisition will distribute declinations and a letter welcoming the selected applicants to the process as well as an application.
  • Talent Acquisition will review all applications and schedule and conduct phone screening interviews.
  • Talent Acquisition will communicate recommendations for office interviews to the Hiring Manager.
  • Talent Acquisition schedules office interviews and extends declinations.
  • Interview team participates in integration meeting.
  • Talent Acquisition will contact the chosen candidate and extend an offer.
  • Pre-employment screen will be conducted including a drug test and background check.
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