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Discounts for Roof Age and Type
Discounts for Roof Age and TypeIf you’ve recently replaced your roof, be sure to let your agent know. You could qualify for a discount based on the age or type of roof covering you’ve chosen. Roofs made of clay, concrete, cement-fiber, slate or metal may be eligible for a premium credit. Or, if you’ve chosen a roof covering made of Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing Materials, you may also receive a premium credit. Class 4 roofs meet the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ranking for being impact resistant, meaning they hold up better against hail and wind.   

A roof that has served three-fourths of its useful life isn’t worth as much as one that’s just a few months old.

If my roof is damaged, how much will my policy pay?
If you experience a covered loss to your roof, the claim payout will be based on your homeowner’s policy contract and any attached endorsements.

Roof DamageGenerally, roof claims are paid based on replacement cost – what it costs to repair or replace the roof with similar quality materials.  However, some policies may include a special actual cash value endorsement, for a discounted rate, that considers the age and condition of the roof prior to the claim when damage is caused by wind and hail. Your State Auto agent can help you determine which type of coverage you have. 

Ways to Keep Your Roof in Shape
Following are roof maintenance tips courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS):

  • Clear off debris and clutter. Dead leaves and
    Ways To Keep Your Roof In Shapeother matter collected on the roof retain moisture
    which can accelerate the roof’s deterioration.
  • Retard the growth of mosses and mold by applying a preservative on the roof. This action may help limit the effects of moisture-related weather.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure water is properly draining. Full gutters will not allow the rain or melting snow to flow properly and could lead to water getting into the attic.
  • Make sure downspouts slope away from the house and carry water at least five feet away from the foundation.
  • Trim tree branches back at least five feet away. Regularly clear branches from the roof and around the chimney.

To learn more about protecting your roof, visit the IBHS Roof Resources Page.

This material is intended for general information purposes only and is not an insurance policy.  Coverages described are subject to definitions, limitations and conditions.  Read the policy forms and endorsements for details.  Eligibility, coverages, discounts, and benefits may vary by state.

All claim payments, whether Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost are of course subject to the terms and conditions of the loss payment, and all other provisions of the policy.

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