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What to Do After a Hailstorm

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Hail 200The majority of structural damage caused by a severe thunderstorm occurs if there is hail. Hail damage to structures, foliage, vehicles and agricultural crops is estimated to exceed $1 billion annually.

Roof damage from hail is frequently misunderstood, and not all houses or other buildings are impacted the same way in a storm.

  • The number, size and hardness of the hailstones can affect the magnitude of hail damage.
  • The velocity and direction of the wind are also factors in hail damage.
  • Pitch, condition, type and age of the roof can help prevent hail damage. The steeper the roof's pitch, the less damage is expected.
  • The larger the diameter of the hailstone and the harder the stone, the more severe the impact on a building.

If composition shingles do need to be repaired, a reputable roofing contractor can remove individual roofing shingles and replace them with new shingles.

View the infographic, Common hail questions answered, to gain a better understanding of the types of hail damage and what to do after damage occurs. More information is available at the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety..

Read more about roofing and what you can do to prevent damage.

If you suspect you have hail damage, you can report it directly to your agent, submit the claim online or call our toll free number, 800-766-1853. A claim can be submitted 24/7, 365 days a year.


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