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What To Do NOW:

  • Create an emergency plan, including places where the family will gather in response to emergency weather alerts.
  • Keep basic supplies on hand like food, water, flashlights, a battery-operated radio, and extra batteries.

What To Do As The Tornado Approaches:

  • If inside, go to the basement or interior hall. Stay away from windows.
  • If outside, lie flat in a gully or ditch; do not get under an overpass or bridge.

What To Do AFTER The Tornado:

  • Call your independent State Auto agent as soon as possible, or call State Auto’s 24-hour claim contact center at (800) 766-1853.
  • Secure your property and carefully salvage what you can.
  • Be sure your independent State Auto agent knows how to contact you if you can’t stay in your home.
  • Be aware of home repair rip-offs. Don’t pay the entire cost of repairs up-front, and try to only do business with local, established contractors.
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