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Take a look through the coverage options or contact an independent State Auto agent for business insurance that works for your business. Premium size is the general benchmark for determining which business segment is most appropriate for your business insurance needs. Final determination of where we can provide the best solution for your business may also include assessment of services needed, unique insurance coverage needs and other considerations like your property values, sales and payroll of your company.

NOTE: Coverages, discounts and eligibility may vary by state

Small Business Solutions 125Small Business Solutions
Protect your hard-earned assets with the right business insurance coverage designed to handle your risks. Small Business Solutions handles accounts up to $25,000 in premium. Contact an agent.

Middle Market Solutions 125Middle Market Solutions
We have many coverage options to fit your business. Be sure you have the coverage you need, without paying for things you don't. These solutions are designed for policies over $25,000. In addition, our Food Industry groups has expertise and focus on insurance solutions from farm to fork. Contact an agent.

Large Account Solutions 125Large Account Solutions
We offer complete loss control, claims account management, medical case management, multiple state coverage, large deductibles, pricing and loss sensitive programs for policies over $100,000. We'll customize our approach to meet your needs. Find out more.

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