State Auto offers a summer internship program of hands-on experience in the insurance industry.

State Auto is known for its quality people and long-term relationships. As a result, we’re happy to sponsor a summer internship program which offers 10-12 weeks (depending upon the student’s availability) of hands-on experience in the insurance industry.

The experience focuses on building knowledge and skill in a variety of State Auto divisions/departments, at both the Corporate Headquarters and a nearby regional office, with a primary focus on the student’s major area(s) of study. Students spend time in a specific discipline within the organization interacting with leaders and working on one or more projects with the option to shadow in other areas of interest to gain knowledge of those groups.

A comprehensive, customized schedule ensures that each intern learns many aspects of the business. Due to the internship experience, successful interns often have the opportunity for full-time employment upon graduation. The internship begins in May or June of each year after the student has completed his or her school year.

Benefits of this Experience

  • Gain an understanding of the property and casualty insurance industry
  • Learn the difference between commercial and personal lines insurance
  • Understand the underwriting skills necessary to obtain profitability and additional income
  • Attend outside meetings, events and network with other business professionals to enhance your professional/business knowledge
  • Understand State Auto Values and why our people are our foundation, our greatest asset

Program requirements

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA or 2.5 GPA with active student leadership/community involvement
  • Must be a college senior, junior or, at minimum, a rising sophomore
  • Able to work a 37.5-hour week
  • Willing to participate in a variety of projects and the ability to attend business meetings and community events, which will enrich the learning experience
  • Blog interactions and experiences at the end of each day
  • Deliver a presentation on his or her final day, which provides a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of State Auto and summarizes the learning gained from each division/department visit

Application Process

Students interested in applying for the Summer Internship Program should complete an online application found HERE under their internship of interest. Application deadline is November 1. For questions, please email Dejone Prude, internship program manager, at