Slip, trip and fall hazards

You can take simple steps at your business to help prevent someone from a slip, trip or fall.


Help prevent falls both inside and outside your business location with these tips from Kapnick Insurance Group and State Auto.

Keep your location a safe place to walk

  • Pay attention to high-traffic areas. Changes in flooring surfaces, such as from carpet to tile, are a common cause of trips. 
  • Keep all walking surfaces clean. Keep floors free of spills, especially spills of water, oil, slick powders, and other substances that make the floor slippery.
  • Hang a sign. If people must walk over slick or uneven surfaces, warn them with a visible sign. If a floor is temporarily wet or damaged, put up a sign immediately to warn them.  
  • Take a report. Encourage your employees to report any hazards they observe that they cannot immediately remove, such as broken tiles or floors that are wet because of roof leaks.
  • Light the way. People are more likely to take a misstep when lighting is poor.
  • Dry it up. Some areas are prone to moisture. Control slippery hazards in these areas with adequate drainage systems and pumps or elevated walking surfaces. For example, use grated flooring to give people a high-traction work surface while letting moisture fall through.
  • Require workers to walk.  Don't let your employees run on the job.
  • Require appropriate footwear.  Employees should wear shoes with proper soles for the place where they work.

Slips, trips and falls on a level surface account for 20 percent of lost-work-time incidents in the United States. And that's not counting an incident that could involve one of your customers.