Securing child safety seats

Make sure car seats are installed correctly and you’re following the safest guidelines to protect your child.

Car Seat

The laws and guidelines about child safety seats change as researchers learn more about the best ways to protect our children while driving. Here are some ways you can be absolutely sure you're doing everything correctly to ensure the safest possible transportation for your child. 

  • Follow the guidelines and laws in your area. If a research scientist recommends a safer practice, most parents will want to follow it. And laws are designed to enforce safety standards in all vehicles. So while using that booster seat long after you feel it's necessary might seem like a pain, it's worth knowing you're taking the right precautions. Learn more about car seats, safe driving with children and more at the Parents Central Child Car Safety resource site from
  • Read the instruction manual carefully when you're installing child safety seats. They're not all designed the same. Better yet, take advantage of a local fire department or other organization's safety seat check day, and let them look at how you have it installed to make sure it's correct. Here's how to find a car seat inspection location.
  • To find out if your safety seat is recalled, call or sign up for email alerts here.
  • You've got the child safety seat installed correctly and you're ready to go - but what if there's an accident and you're injured? A simple but lifesaving resource is available free to all drivers called the TIKE (Toddler Info Kept for Emergencies) sticker. Simply contact the Ohio Insurance Institute (available to people in all states) by email with the number of stickers you want and your address. Get more info here.