You still face many of the same risks as homeowners, but your landlord’s insurance won’t provide coverage for you. We can help.

  • How much would it cost to replace your belongings?
  • What if you had to leave your apartment because it was damaged in a fire?
  • Do you have special items, like jewelry, to protect?
  • Do you take things from work home with you, like a laptop?
  • Do you run a business from where you live?
  • If someone were hurt in your home, could you afford to pay their medical expenses?
  • Renter's insurance is affordable (even more so when you also have your auto insurance with State Auto)
  • It's worth the peace of mind to know you have your bases covered.
  • Renting gives you flexibility and (usually) freedom from maintenance. Renters insurance keeps you from having to worry about the "what ifs"


Tips for talking with your agents

  • Create a home inventory so you have an idea of how much it would cost to replace your belongings.
  • Take stock of other property you use, rent or borrow that may need to be insured.
  • Include your auto insurance needs in your conversation with your agent, to make sure you're getting the full benefits available to you.